Youngevity Rewards for 2020 and Beyond!

Youngevity has released it’s new reward program. The good news is… everyone is part of it who uses Youngevity products! Read about it here now!

Simple, easy and ready to go!

This isn’t a coupon or a weekly special. It’s rewards for today. Tomorrow. And every day after that. With Youngevity Rewards, you’ll earn points on every dollar you spend plus earn more points for sharing Youngevity with others. You can redeem for points for discounts on products; including rarely discounted products. Everyone can earn rewards. So start sharing and earning today!

It’s so easy to sign up for Youngevity Rewards, you’re already done! As a Youngevity customer, you’re automatically enrolled, and you can start earning Points (to redeem for Youngevity Rewards) right away. You simply need to activate your Rewards account by logging into your account, visit My Rewards under My Account and activate your account.


Not a customer yet? You can buy any product here and get started now!

Here is a chart of how rewards are earned:


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