How We are Preparing For COVID19 (coronavirus)

This is just a quick post about how we here at youngofficial.com are preparing for the COVID19 outbreak.

This does not represent the views of Youngevity or anyone else. It is simply our opinion which we hope you find helpful.

This is NOT an exhaustive list. Just some ideas.

Recently Italy announced complete quarantine of the entire country. We think it may be prudent to get out and stock up on what you need in your house.

What would you need if you were stuck in your house for 1-2 Months?

Here are some things we are thinking about. Hopefully it can help you get started making your own list.

Once the general public begins to realize that we may be in an “Italy” type situation, it may be too late to get your needed supplies.

Immunity Boosting Supplements on Hand

Tangy Tangerine
Vitamin D3
Vitamin C


Wet wipes
Spray Disinfectant
Alcohol Prep
Laundry/Dish Detergent
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels

Things to do

Make sure propane tanks full (for gas grill)
Stock Freezer

Food To Stock Up On

Hamburger Patties (Vacuum Sealed & Frozen)
Steak (Vacuum Sealed & Frozen)
Milk x10 (to freeze)
Eggs X10 (to freeze)
Cheese (to Freeze)
Frozen Veggies
Adult Beverages

How to Freeze Eggs


#Items The Eggs Needed.

Ziplock containers, different sizes.
Continuous Markers.

Freezing eggs will hold you for up to 1 year. But it has to take them out of the shell. They will no longer work for a Fried Egg when freezing the eggs-seems to take off the “pretty” shape.

Results are better when the eggs are beaten before freezing, making a cleaner product before use when thawed.

Specific Freezing recommendations in groups of 2–3–6 & 12 eggs per container.

Pre-made mixes like cakes also require 2-3 eggs.

Batters like pancakes, french toast, scrambled eggs, baked egg dishes also need 6 eggs or more.

Mark ziplock bags PRIOR to full, making sure to mark together with the DATE the NUMBER of eggs in the container. (Monday & Year is all well).

Fill the bags with the required number, and force out all potential excess air carefully.
Lay filled bags are put flat in deep tray and in freezer. When frozen, put the same amount of individual bags in GALLON size or HUGE ziplock bags, to keep the quantities more coordinated.

Once the bags are frozen, they’ll be easy to stand upright with zippers side by side.

TO FREEZE 1 EGG AT TIME-Beat the egg lightly and place it slightly sprayed with non-stick spray in ice-cube trays. When frozen, the cube pops out and positions in a ziplock bag.

TO USE: Move the appropriate amount of eggs in the REFRIGERATOR 24-48 hours PRIOR.


If thick “globs” still appear in the egg, they’ll be smoothed out by a quick spin in the blender, or a good whisk.

Use out of shell as you would normally.

I have seen directions indicating that eggs must be frozen with salt or sugar. It is not necessary.

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