All Natural Non-Toxic FLEA-TICK INHIBITOR safe for Dogs and Cats of all ages.

The FLEA-TICK INHIBITOR is designed as a barrier to flea and tick infestation and is effective on both dogs and cats.The inhibitor is programmed with six specific homeopathic energetic signatures that create a Non-Toxic Barrier to fleas and ticks.


This product offers protection that is safe for animals and your family but is deadly for fleas and ticks. FLEA-TICK INHIBITOR works on the premise that by using the inhibitor properly, which requires replacing it every 30 days, your pets immune system is restored to the point that your pets become more resistant to fleas and ticks. No chemicals or toxic materials are used, just pure energy emitted from the inhibitor.


Unlike other natural flea and tick products that you need to apply everyday, this product is placed on the inside of the pet’s collar and lasts 30 days.

Each pack contains 5 FLEA-TICK INHIBITOR patches that provides 5 months of protection.


Supportive Science and Technology
Every parasite, bacteria, virus, and abnormal cell presents a very specific digital frequency signature. This promises to be our most innovative tool of the future, in the early detection of most major diseases. The completion of these projects would create immense advancements in the field of “medical diagnostic procedures” with huge technological and commercial impact.

Bio-photonic messages determine the behavior of all chemical reactions. It is the same as the software in your computer, without the software the computer lays dormant. All chemical reactions are PRECEDED by an energetic message, which tells the substance how to react. Fritz Albert Popp, PhD was nominated for the Nobel Prize for this discovery. We have discovered how to “change the messages”in all natural and organic substances.