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Dr. Joel Wallach BS, DVM, ND 
Renowned Author, Lecturer known as THE MINERAL DOCTOR.
In the great scheme of things, the quest for a long and healthful life is a relatively new goal for humans.
We know without any doubt, that humans can and do live well beyond 100 years of age.
While in fact, we have all the genetic potential to live healthfully well beyond 100- consciously getting
there today for the majority, however, requires a profound commitment to a time proven system and
a daily call to focused action-becoming a centenarian is a matter of proven universal, proactive,
yet simple choices and actions. This book will show the longest live cultures and what they do,
the aging process and the universal currency of life. It will also show the religious dietary practices
and the common threads of anti-aging. This book also has recipes and supplements for a healthful diet.
Paperback 482 pages
FREE CD By Dr. Joel Wallach

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