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How would like to make money handing out something for FREE?

For Recorded Business Information:
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FREE Pharmacy Discount Card—At a Time When America Needs it Most!

The YOUNGEVITY Pharmacy Discount Card is the FREE benefit that PAYS YOU!  Accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies across the USA and on-line, this card will come in handy for millions of Americans concerned about the rising cost of healthcare and the shrinking benefits provided by their health care provider, not to mention the 40 million+ Americans without health insurance.  Are you ready for a better way to save people millions of dollars and change your life at the same time?

NEW - Home Party Kit!

"Reclaiming Our Health"Power Point Presentation to help you build Your Downline!

Nationally Distributed through Youngevity and Wellness Publications. Purchase Your Kit Here, Only $15.99.



Finally, the next best thing to Dr. Wallach "Live!" Give presentations with confidencs.  Word of mouth is the best way to build a relationship. When you stand in front of a group of people that you want to share the benefits of Youngevity with,  having this PowerPointCD is like having Dr. Wallach at your side.

The material presented here is based on Dr. Wallach’s book, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” and his lectures. While this presentation is no substitute for Dr. Wallach, “Live,” it will give you much of the same material that he uses in his presentations giving you more credibility and confidence in your presentations.

This Power Point presentation contains two short videos and over 100 slides with ‘Presenter’s Notes’ and ‘Handouts’ in a convenient PDF format for easy printing. The notes for each slide are suggestions that you can use.  You can of course, incorporate your own comments to enhance your presentations.  Adding your personal testimony is a great way to personalize your presentation.

Some of the topics covered in this presentation of Reclaiming Our Health, include:

    How We Can Live to be a 100 years old
    Why We Don’t Live that Long
    What We Can Do to Change that.

Business Opportunity


Welcome to Youngevity Essential Life Sciences!

The greatest of all dreams is to own your own business! We invite you to be part of our family of successful Business Building Associates who have taken their first steps toward realizing their dreams.

Why Build Your Own Youngevity Business?

At Youngevity, we know what it takes to make those dreams turn into reality. It takes

DESIRE. A desire to create your definition of success and your willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

PERSISTENCE. Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged, but if you are persistent and stick with the game plan, your efforts will be rewarded.

ENTHUSIASM. Your enthusiasm for our products and Dr. Wallach’s message inspires those Associates who join with you and it will personally motivate you as you develop your business.

Reach Success at Your Own Pace

One of the unique features about owning your own Youngevity business is the ability to progress within the Compensation Plan as quickly as you want. If you want to jump right in and achieve Senior Executive Marketing (SEMD) Director status your first month in the business, it’s entirely up to you! You’ll be paid at the SEMD level from day one! That’s right – even if you don’t qualify as a SEMD until the very last business day of the month, Youngevity will retroactively pay you as a SEMD for the entire month! This isn’t hype we’ve sent commission checks to people who have done it!

More Than 400 Products

With more 400 innovative and technologically advanced products to choose from, Youngevity is the simple choice for starting your own business. It’s as easy as re-directing your product purchases. Instead of buying from the grocery, department, or drug store, you’ll purchase your vitamins, mineral supplements, skin care, makeup, jewelry and personal care items from YOUR OWN STORE. You’re going to buy those items anyway, why not get paid for it? Of course, your ultimate success will result of your efforts into building your business-through the success of others you bring on board.

Get Paid Up To 9 Ways!

As you progress within the Compensation Plan you’ll gain more compensation opportunities-up to nine different ways!

  1. Retail Profits
  2. Unilevel Commissions / Residual Income
  3. Infinity Bonuses
  4. Quick Start Bonuses
  5. Reactivation Bonuses
  6. Leadership Bonuses
  7. Monthly Silver Mercedes Car Bonuses
  8. Revenue Sharing
  9. Luxury Car Bonuses

Youngevity has one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. The Youngevity Compensation Plan is what’s known as a Unilevel compensation plan. This payment structure essentially allows you to sign up as many Associates as you can. As they advance through the organization, your income will grow. Your personal compensation depends on your ability to identify like-minded individuals to join your organization and to guide them to eventually become Leaders themselves. Generally, you’re looking for individuals who, just like you:

  • Are interested in owning their own businesses
  • Want control over the hours they work
  • Want the freedom to determine their income

One of the great advantages of the Youngevity Compensation Plan is that your income is essentially limitless…many of our Team Members make six—or even seven—figures annually! It’s up to you to determine your own success, through the people you bring on board and by the amount of dedication and hard work you’re willing to invest in your business.

Is owning a Youngevity independent business right for you?

Answer the following questions to help you decide.

  1. Would you get joy out of helping other people feel better – by really impacting their health in a positive way?
  2. Think about what your future holds if you keep doing what you’re doing right now. If we could show you a way to make extra money – and even possibly gain financial freedom – all from the comfort of your home, would you be interested?
  3. If we had doctor-recommended nutritional products featuring a 100% money-back guarantee and a proven track record of helping people feel better, look better, have more energy or achieve a healthier weight…could you find five (5) like-minded people who would be interested in joining you?

If you answered YES, then what are you waiting for? You can begin owning your own independent business today!


    To Automatically Qualify for Weekly Quick Start Bonuses, Follow These 3 Steps

    Quick Start Bonuses are paid every Monday on up to 750BV for each new enrollee 30 days following their first order!

    Please Note:

    If you DON’T place at least a 300QV order but you DO place at least a 100QV order, your Quick Start Bonuses will be paid with your first monthly commission check and on Monday’s thereafter.

Getting Started is Easy As 1 2 3:

Step 1- purchase Healthy Start CEO MEGA PACK

Step 2 - Completely fill out Associate Application

Step 3 - Submit and Check Out

Autoship Program

 Your purchase of a CEO Pack includes automatic set up on an Autoship Program. You will receive FREE shipping on your monthly order of products only. This will be shipped the following month of CEO Pack purchase. To make changes or cancel your autoship please contact us.

Healthy Start CEO Mega Pack

Item #: 1070
Includes the CEO Training Guide, a Welcome Kit, (2) Healthy Start Nutrition Paks, (1) Beyond Tangy Tangerine® - 30 CT, (1) Rebound FX Citrus Punch 30 CT, (1) Body Trim 30 CT, (1) Projoba Pollen Burst 30 CT, (1) Invision CM Cream 2 OZ and (1) Triple Treat Chocolate 20 CT. An autoship of Healthy Start Nutrition Pak ($115) will occur monthly. BV 95
Your Price: $499.99
WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. More information is available at https://buyygy.com/90forlifestore/en/t/Prop65_Whats_This

1. Associate Registration

First Name*

Last Name*




Postal Code*


Day Phone*

Evening Phone

2. Social Security / TAX ID

Signature Check Box

By checking the Signature Check Box below, I, the undersigned, have read the reverse side of this application and agree to abide by these as well as all of the Youngevity® Policies & Procedures. I understand and will accept the consequences of violation of the Youngevity® Policies & Procedures. I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Youngevity® to charge my credit card specified in the amount checked above.

This AGREEMENT between the named Applicant (hereafter APPLICANT) and Youngevity®, a California
Corporation (hereafter COMPANY), is hereby effective under the terms and conditions below:
1. APPLICANT hereby applies for authorization as an Associate in COMPANY's Independent Associate
program. COMPANY reserves the right to accept or reject any application for any lawful reason.
2. Upon acceptance as an Associate by COMPANY, APPLICANT is authorized as an Associate as long as
APPLICANT complies with all terms of this Agreement and COMPANY’s Policies and Procedures.
Associates must apply to renew their Associate authorization annually.
3. APPLICANT has read and agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement which includes all rules,
policies, and procedures of COMPANY as set forth in official COMPANY literature, which are hereby
incorporated and made part of this Agreement in their current form and as they may be amended by the
COMPANY from time to time.
4. APPLICANT is an independent contractor under the terms of this Agreement, and not an agent, employee
or legal representative of his/her sponsor or the COMPANY in any way.
5. APPLICANT will explain COMPANY’s programs and policies honestly and completely when presenting
them to others. APPLICANT understands and will make clear in any presentation the following: That no
earnings are guaranteed by COMPANY or its programs; no Associate will be paid commission solely for
sponsoring other Associates; retail selling is a requirement; and that there are no exclusive territories for
6. APPLICANT is responsible for all of his/her own income, sales, social security, unemployment, and any
other taxes, licenses, and fees of any kind.
7. APPLICANT may terminate Associate’s authorization at any time by giving written notice to the
COMPANY. Upon termination, the COMPANY will repurchase marketable sales aids and literature according
to the current COMPANY’s buy-back Policy then in force.
8. Any sale or assignment of this Agreement or Associate authorization must be approved of in writing in
advance by COMPANY. Successors in interest or assigns must comply with Policies and Procedures.
9. The signator(s) to this agreement Agree(s) that he/she/they is/are authorized to bind APPLICANT and by
signing, so do.
10. Any Associate who sponsors other Associates must fulfill the obligation of performing a bona fide
supervisory, distributing and selling function in the sale or delivery of product to the ultimate consumer and
in the training of the Associates they sponsor.
11. Youngevity® is built upon retail sales to the ultimate consumer. The COMPANY recognizes that
Associates may wish to also purchase product for their own personal or family use. It is COMPANY policy,
however, to strictly prohibit the purchase of product or services in unreasonable amounts solely for the
purpose of qualifying for bonuses or advancement in the marketing program. Failure to abide by this policy
will result in termination.
12. Duplication of this form without permission is forbidden. Permission may be given in writing in
accordance with the Policies and Procedures for Duplication of Associate Application, Product Order Forms
and AutoShip Forms.

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